Feeding Therapy


Our multi-disciplinary feeding team has the skills to tackle a diverse range of feeding issues.  When it comes to feeding, there could be several issues happening simultaneously. Whether it is behavioral, sensory, anxiety, oral-motor deficiency or a combination of issues, our team is able to assess and treat the underlying causes of symptoms presented.  The team regularly discusses cases in real time to ensure your child’s feeding issue is effectively treated.  This collaborative approach allows us to provide a more comprehensive plan and we’ve been able to address complex cases from clients throughout the region.


Feeding difficulties may include:

  • Weight gain and growth concerns
  • Difficulty transitioning to an age-appropriate diet
  • Diet selectivity (“picky eating”)
  • Feeding tube or supplement dependence
  • Difficult mealtime behaviors and extended mealtimes
  • Delay in meeting feeding milestones
  • Difficulty with oral motor skills
  • Gagging, vomiting, holding, and/or expelling food

To start seeing new clients, we need a referral (preferably from a pediatrician).  If you think your child may need to be evaluated, please consult your pediatrician and contact us with any questions you may have.